Discover the best things while escaping on your day tours in Eilat

Eilat pleases every type of traveller with its treasure! Do you wonder why people are flocking to Eilat? Eilat is a resort town on the Red Sea shoreline is an ultimate tourism city near Jordan. Apart from its crazy nightlife and quality restaurants, it offers many attractions for visitors of all ages, preferences & budget. It is a big tourist attraction, a famous diving place, spectacular beaches, Coral & Beach Reserve's andfantastic underwater world. It is more than enough to keep the travelers happy. Let's rounded up a list of things to do in your day tours Eilat!


Underwater Marine Park & Observatory

Perceive the marine world without getting wet in the underwater marine park & observatory. The underwater observatory in Eilat is a significant attraction where people will get the opportunity to witness the teeming aquatic life of the Red Sea & view the fantastic color below the sea surface. Apart from that, you will also find an excellent aquarium, where you will find hundreds of Red Sea fish, turtles, and sharks. If you're feeling more adventurous, you can take a glass-bottomed boat trip as well.

Timna Park

The Timna Park is a fascinating national park known for its surreal desert landscapes and an intriguing ancient copper-mining history. It's also famous for its strange rock formations that have been sculpted by wind and rain. The most well-known of these is a 50-meter-high wall of sandstone rock, also known as Solomon's Pillars. It is carved into pillar shapes by erosion. The Hill of the Slaves is opposite of Solomon's Pillars is just a significant place of interest for miners between the 14th and 12th centuries BC. 


Dolphin Reef

The famously named Dolphin Reef is the place to go if you wish to snorkel with dolphins. Here you can interact with the group of bottlenose dolphins. There are several ducks on the shore where you can observe the dolphins as well. Also, you have got snorkeling and swimming option to add extra excitement to your traveling.
Ice Space

The Ice Space in Eilat will throw you out of the desert and into the freezing world of the Arctic. The temperature plummets to a steady -7˚Celsius and you will come across various ice sculptures on display and got a blissfully cool treat even in the boiling hot summer day. Both kids and adults will also love to visit this place.

Coral Beach Reserve

Eilat is a premier destination for diving and snorkeling. The diving site is the protected Coral Beach Reserve, and the offshore waters are home to a vibrantly colorful world of coral and flitting fish. The reefs right off the shore are shallow enough for you to enjoy the fish life and coral just by snorkeling. If you're a diver, a trip here will be the highlight of your Eilat holiday.


Bird Watching Center

Eilat is excellent for bird watching during the spring and autumn seasons. The tourists can spot the most species of bird in the Bird Watching Center as well.

Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden on the hill above Eilat is a splendid spot filled with lush tropical trees and plants. It's an excellent escape from the scorching sun. The abundance of greenery makes it an exciting place with the surrounding bare desert ridge. It's a fantastic place for an early evening stroll and an excellent place to let the kids explore.

King's City Theme Park

Eilat is home to a splendid theme park with a distinct Holy Land twist. It makes for a good family day out in the town; You can spend some good time here if you or your kids feel bore by the sun and sand.


Eilat is a beach resort, and most people come here to flop out on the sand. The family-friendly Coral Beach Palm Beach and Village Beach and much more facilities for a day of blissed-out sunbathing and swimming.

Mount Zefahot Trail

This circular hiking Zefahot trail, just to the south of Eilat town, provides incredible panoramic views and hiking opportunities. Eilat takes about four hours to hike, and anyone with a decent level of fitness can tackle the well-marked trail.


Eilat is a convenient escape for vacation, and it always attracts thousands of local & foreign travelers and European sun-seekers. Your day tours to Eilat can be well-organized and better if you get in touch with a reliable travel & tour management company like Go Jordan Tours and Tourism. They are committed to providing visitors with a quality holiday as per their wish. For more information about your upcoming day tours to Eilat, please contact them at +962-797-500048 or +962 795 582783 right away!